Are you an Upstander?

How have you been an UPSTANDER? *
Which one(s) have you done to show you're an Upstander?


I am an Upstander

I can do more than before

I have to be willing to break bondages of apathy, anger, and fear to forge solutions that can be a radical balm for this world.

I have the power to be kind, generous and helpful.

We have the power to change the world. To serve Humanity.  Today we recommit to taking Action! As we take this journey from bystander to Upstander, we are banishing doubt, overwhelm and ignorance,

We manifest Justice, Equality, Freedom to be the change we want to see!

We are Upstanders. We Stand up. Speak Up + Act Up!

Museum of Impact is the world's first social justice museum, 'Curating the Current' and "Archiving the Now'! The Museum of Impact examines art and activism through a social justice lens, highlighting changemakers and 'Upstanders' who are uplifting communities. Our exhibits and programs are centered in the public interest of culture, contemporary issues, social action, and engaged art.