Brooklyn: #FreedomCities

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When: May 19th, 2017

6pm - Close

Where: Old Stone House & Washington Park 336 3rd st, Brooklyn, NY, 11215

Upstanders Fest: Freedom Cities producers, have handpicked a dynamic panel of changemakers Sol Aramendi (photographer, educator, wage theft activist and Journalero App developer), Dianne Hebbert (painter, printmaker, curator and installation artists) and Samantha Johnson (activist with Million Hoodies Movement for Justice.) to speak about their work as artists and activists centered around immigration reform, sanctuary and Freedom Cities.

 Freedom Cities a comprehensive movement framework that includes many campaigns over the last decade including sanctuary, investments in humanity, safety beyond policing, worker rights, community defense, and divestment from militarization and other programs that oppress marginalized people, muslims, immigrants, black and brown persons and others.

 This event is presented in conjunction with the Old Stone House's current exhibition, "Multilocational," in which artists Cecile Chong and Natalia Nakazawa celebrate the presence of mixed cultural identities in their families and in our larger community. Multi Locational subtly plays on the words multicultural or multinational, or of mixed ancestry or residence, often conveying the struggle (or joy) of holding on to memories of an original home while embracing a new one. As the United States currently balances the ideals of isolationism and homogenization against openness and diversity, it is important to consider how our immigrant nation has historically accommodated multiple peoples and perspectives and the role of artists and art institutions in presenting and preserving their stories.

 It's time to amplify voices and activate caring to make our city a better place. Enjoy a woke evening of discussion, ideas and interactive art making, to raise consciousness around Freedom Cities, a movement where immigrants, black and brown people, Muslims, workers, and other marginalized groups can live in safe and thriving communities.  Join artists and activists at the Old Stone House as we turn a listening ear to understand ways of using art to advocate alongside neighbors, changemakers and future friends.  Participants will leave with new connections, skills and action steps.


The Old Stone House & Washington Park is dedicated to preserving and teaching local and national history as it has impacted our historically significant Brooklyn neighborhood. We are also the conservancy organization for JJ Byrne Playground and Washington Park – caring for our neighborhood park, playground and gardens to create a vibrant public space. We support and contribute to the needs of the present-day community through family programs, arts and cultural events and neighborhood advocacy.

#FreedomCities is a movement for safe,  healthy and thriving neighborhoods and local communities. We are the grassroots in cities and towns across the country that attacks on our dignity, yet still have the audacity to aspire for freedom. We are a multiracial, multifaceted movement committed to protecting the most vulnerable amongst us while demanding freedom for all of us!

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