East Village #Freedom Cities

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When: December 2, 2017

Where: The Neighboorhood School PS 363

121 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10019

“Shining a light on the bravery and brilliance of changemakers in our midst!”

Our social justice extravaganza, transforming you from a bystanders to Upstanders. Students and Parents at P.S 363 are getting involved and expressing themselves through an interactive journey to build equity and grassroots power. Make a difference alongside neighbors and future friends, as we build intentional community! Liberated space is right beneath your feet! Channel your inner Upstander as you discover ‘Avenues to Action’! Stand Up. Speak Act Up. 

 Freedom City  amplifies voices + activate caring around the intersections of our challenges. Discover the role you play in ‘Being the Change’, by joining The Neighborhood School to celebrate community + caring during Upstanders Fest #FreedomCities. 


#FreedomCities is a movement for safe,  healthy and thriving neighborhoods and local communities. We are the grassroots in cities and towns across the country that attacks on our dignity, yet still have the audacity to aspire for freedom. We are a multiracial, multifaceted movement committed to protecting the most vulnerable amongst us while demanding freedom for all of us! www.freedomcities.org