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Volunteer, Educate, Uplift community. Use your presence to advocate for justice.

The Jornalero App started by artist Sol Aramendi Stands Up for marginalized immigrants. This smartphone app, developed within New Yorks immigrant community; collects crowd sourced data to prevent and report Wage Theft among day laborers. It stands up to bosses who cheat and mistreat vulnerable undocumented workers.


Use your voice. Be heard. Create a more just, connected and powerful world. Employ art, literature, music and media to speak out against unfair treatment.

Celebrities and Musicians do a great job of Speaking Up, using their platform to engage listeners and fans. Recent conscious raising albums like ‘A Seat at the Table’ by singer Solange and ‘Black America Again’ by rapper Common have been gaining traction, speaking out around Black Lives Matter, senseless violence, cultural appropriation and creative resilience. One of my faves, 'Chance the rapper' did something amazing this past election season, he led march of thousands to the polls to get out the vote, connecting everyday people with civic duty and speaking up for the needs of his city, Chicago.



Protest. Boycott, Rally, Petition, Picket, Organize!

Support movements, tactics and initiatives that lead to our liberation. Use your presence to disrupt bias and withdraw your support from spaces that don’t respect our rights.

Native american tribes and allies at Standing Rock are Acting Up. They are fighting hard to protect this earth and keep the water, ecosystem and burial grounds sacred. They are demonstrating, and challenging elected leaders to stop enacting laws that pollute our land. These activists put themselves in harms way, Acting up by holding officials accountable and showing the world that environment Trumps capitalism.